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Junior is a pretty and rich young miss who's living a happy life, has lots of friends and a handsome boyfriend. One day, she decides to do plastic surgery because she couldn't stand her friends saying how big her cheeks was. She does it without knowing that she is allergic to chemicals, and that causes acne/pimples all over her face. After the incident, her friends and boyfriend starts ditching her by giving excuses. She can't stand the social life she's living among (where everyone is disgusted by her), so she begs her parents to study at a college in the countryside to have a treatment at the college's hospital, and to follow her dream guy from her favorite fiction. And that's where she meets Seua, a very handsome cheeky guy. -- AsianFuse

Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Thai

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-17

Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match - Ugly Duckling (TV series) - Netflix

Ugly Duckling (Thai: รักนะเป็ดโง่) is a 2015 Thai teen romance television series produced by GMMTV and broadcast on GMM 25. It is based on a series of novels published by Jamsai Publishing, a Thai publisher known for its romantic teen novels, and consists of four segments: “Perfect Match”, “Pity Girl”, “Don't” and “Boy's Paradise”. Worranit Thawornwongs and Puttichai Kasetsin play the lead roles in the “Perfect Match” segment. The series was popular, and was Thailand's second-most searched for item in 2015, according to Google.

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