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A 30-minute program that showcases the best pranks ever caught on camera and posted online. Known for their seven part Prank War, which has received over 5 million views online, hosts, College's Streeter Seidell & Amir Blumenfeld, provide commentary during each episode. The internet celebrities bring their humor to television as viewers watch homemade pranks that are engineered, executed and filmed by kids and normal everyday people, with no help from producers, professional editors or cameramen.

Pranked - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-08-27

Pranked - 2004 Harvard–Yale prank - Netflix

The 2004 Harvard–Yale prank was a practical joke performed on November 20, 2004, at the annual Harvard–Yale football game in which Yale students perpetrated a card stunt, costumed as a Harvard “pep squad”. They gave out placards to a section of Harvard fans which, when raised together, read “We Suck”. The stunt was conceived and coordinated by Michael Kai and David Aulicino, two Yale students in the class of 2005, and was executed with the help of 20 classmates disguised as the “Harvard Pep Squad”. The perpetrators handed crimson-and-white placards to fans in the central area of the Harvard side of the stadium—mostly Harvard alumni, with a few faculty, students, and others. The group told the crowd that, by lifting the placards, they would spell “Go Harvard”. Most Harvard students were sitting in a section off to the side of the alumni area where the prank was executed, and they left the stands unaware of the prank; however, players on the field did see the placards. Harvard won the game, 35–3.

Pranked - Similar pranks - Netflix

This prank echoes many similar stunts, most notably the Great Rose Bowl Hoax of 1961. In that Rose Bowl game, California Institute of Technology students had manipulated several of the ending card stunts led by Washington cheerleaders, the last of which caused the letters in “Caltech” to be spelled out. In 2002, at the rivalry game between Saint John's University and University of St. Thomas held in Collegeville, MN, members of the St. John's Rat Pack infiltrated the St. Thomas crowd and unfurled a large purple banner displaying “Tommies Suck”. The banner lasted more than a quarter before it was discovered.

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