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Based on a seinen manga by Sakuraba Koharu, serialised in Young Magazine. Minami-ke is a manga following three sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki in their lives at home and school. It`s a funny series that depicts how these characters interact with each other and their classmates. It`s a story about ordinary girls and their ordinary adventures told in an extraordinary manner.

Minami-ke - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2007-10-08

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This is a list of episodes for the anime Minami-ke, a story about the everyday lives of the three Minami sisters who live on their own and the problems they face in everyday life with their friends at school and at home. The manga, created by Koharu Sakuraba, was adapted into an anime series by three studios. The anime series consists of four seasons. Season one until season three each spanning 13 episodes. The first season produced by Daume first aired on October 7, 2007 and was directed by Masahiko Ohta. The second season was produced by Asread, was directed by Naoto Hosada, and first aired January 6, 2008. The third season, also produced by Asread, aired January 4, 2009 and features Kei Oikawa as the director. The fourth season produced by Feel first aired on January 6, 2013, and features Keiichiro Kawaguchi as the director.

Minami-ke - Theme songs - Netflix

Opening theme “Kokoro no Tsubasa” (ココロノツバサ) Performed by: Rina Satō, Marina Inoue, and Minori Chihara

Ending theme “Sono Koe ga Kikitakute” (その声が聴きたくて) Performed by: Rina Satō, Marina Inoue, and Minori Chihara

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