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Animated Louie lived at home with his father, Andy (a grumpy war veteran), mother, Ora, and little brother, Tommy.He also has other brothers and sisters,but they don't appear every time. Each episode began with a live-action appearance of Louie Anderson introducing the show and setting up the plot. The show focused mostly on the funny events of life growing up.

Life with Louie - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1994-12-24

Life with Louie - Life with Louie - Netflix

Life with Louie is an American animated series. The show is based on the childhood of stand-up comedian Louie Anderson, growing up with his family in Wisconsin, although Anderson himself is from Minnesota. The first two episodes aired in primetime on Fox.

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Louis “Louie” Anderson - Main character; based on series producer and creator Louie Anderson's younger self. Louie is an eight-year-old child, living in the fictional town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin. He is a very sensitive, impressionable, and intelligent young boy. He often uses his gifted sense of humor to deal with difficult situations. He always stands up for his own rights and principles, but also for those of others. His most notable catchphrase used in the series is, “Alright!” Jeannie Harper - Louie's best friend. She often defends Louie from local bullies. Louie has a crush on her. Michael “Mike” Grunewald - Louie's friend with a sarcastic sense of humor. He has a somewhat chill attitude and comes from a rather wealthy family, much to Louie's jealousy. Toddler Tobolinski - Louie's other friend. He is somewhat shorter than the others, about the same height as Louie, and loves activities like recess. Scott Jensen - One of Louie's friends. He appears quite often in the 1st and 3rd seasons. But he is rarely seen in the 2nd season. Andrew “Andy” Mortimer Anderson - Louie's difficult, but caring father. He is a veteran of World War II and likes to tell his family stories about his experience at the front in Europe. Much of the humor regarding Andy, involved his comic superiority complex and equally comical unawareness of his own limitations. Though he often appeared out of touch with reality, Andy was secretly a very gifted chess player, a skill Louie briefly displayed possessing, but he hid his gift during the latter half of his life because of the way he was supposedly mistreated for it in his youth (he even went so far as to disguise himself at chess tournaments so he would not be recognized). He is a proud owner of a Rambler sedan (most probably a 1959 Rambler Six), that appears on the show in various episodes. His catchphrases: “For crying out loud!” and “I heard that.” Despite his appearance, he is a very caring and loving person. Ora Anderson - Louie's kind, loving and sweet natured mother. She usually acts as the voice of reason for Louie and Andy. Thomas “Tommy” Anderson - Louie's youngest brother. Louie teases him a lot in the beginning. Glen Glenn - The local bully who teases Louie and the other children. (The character is in no way related to the defunct post production company. His mother Jen Glenn has a huge temper and loud voice which the other citizens don't like. Craig Eric, Paul George - Glen Glenn's friends. The Melvins - A group of chess nerds. One of them is actually named Franklin but is still called Melvin. Henrietta Shermann - Louie's grandmother, mother of Ora. She dies in one of the episodes. Pepper - Louie's obese pet goldfish. Sid Anderson, John Anderson, Danny Anderson, Peter Anderson - Louie's older brothers. Mr. Jensen, Earl Grunewald, Gus Williams, Mrs. Stillman - Louie's neighbors Laura Anderson, Carol Anderson, Charlie Anderson, Julie Anderson - Louie's older sisters.

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