Dragon Club: Childish Bromance - Netflix

Dragon Club: Childish Bromance follows five celebrities, who were all born in the year of the dragon, are known to have been friends for the past twenty years.

Dragon Club: Childish Bromance - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 80 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-10

Dragon Club: Childish Bromance - Hong Kyung-min - Netflix

Hong Kyung-Min (Hangul: 홍경민; born February 9, 1976) is a South Korean pop rock singer known for his versatility. He is one of a few singers in Korea that excels at many different styles of music, from rock to dance to ballad. He has also proven himself a talented musician and a well rounded entertainer.

Dragon Club: Childish Bromance - 1997-2000 - Netflix

He made his debut as a rock-ballad singer in 1997 with the song “Now” (“이제는”). Hong Kyung Min's style of rock was much unlike any other rock singer. Different from rock singers with loud high-pitched tones, Hong Kyung Min's mid-to-low voice color and stable tone approached listeners with a more comforting sensation. Although he was acknowledged as a talented singer with his strong husky voice appealing to many music lovers, his place in the pop music market was not significant. However, in 2000, the single “Shaky Friendship” (“흔들린 우정”) was released from his third album and became a strong success. The single's release marked a change of style, as Hong broke away from his previous rock-styled songs and moved into the Latin music genre. His third album was a strong success and the best-selling album of Hong's career, with 280,422 copies sold in its release year. As his new style of music continued to increase his popularity, Hong Kyung Min was nicknamed affectionately as “Korea's Ricky Martin”.

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