Cupid's Chocolates - Netflix

High school student Jiang Hao Yi is extremely scared of getting in trouble. Somehow he ends up being the Harem King of his school, which means he will attracts lots of beautiful girls. He is very confused as he doesn't know any of them. What's happening to him?

Cupid's Chocolates - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-02

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Frango mints are a brand of chocolate truffles first created for the Frederick & Nelson department stores. Traditionally flavored with mint and widely popularized by the Marshall Field and Company department store, they were later produced and distributed by Macy's department stores. Frango is also the brand name of a line of various other related food products. Historically associated with the Midwestern and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States, the candy is sold in various outlets throughout the country. Frangos were created by Seattle, Washington's Frederick & Nelson department store in 1918; the company and Frango trademarks were both acquired by Chicago's Marshall Field's department store, which introduced its recipe in 1929. Frango mints were produced in large melting pots on the 13th floor of the flagship Marshall Field's store on State Street for 70 years. In the beginning of 2017, Garrett Brands acquired the rights to sell Frango from Macy’s. While the department store continues to sell their own version, Garrett Brands will be focused on growing the chocolate brand while preserving its rich heritage and traditions from both cities. Presently, the company has been developing, creating, selling, and distributing Frango chocolate with a refreshed image in its boutiques and online.

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