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After the Deluge weaves together the lives of four ordinary men at a critical time in their family history. The patriarch, Cliff is suffering from Alzheimer's and is reliving his buried memories of WWII. His three sons - Alex, Martin and Toby - reluctantly draw together to care for him. In attempting to define themselves in a post feminist world, Cliff's sons struggle to come to terms with the roles they have played as brothers, sons and men. Alex, the troubled middle child, is in turmoil with the collapse of a long marriage and the subsequent battle for his children and a new identity. His elder brother Martin, a wild boy musician has eschewed his remarkable musical talent for a now dwindling pop fame. And Toby, their younger brother, the forgotten child, hides in the suburbs too frightened to accept that his ideal of a family will never be realized. When the war of words quietens, it is music which offers a respite and reconciles the brothers to the loss of a father they could never be good enough for.

After the Deluge - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2003-06-15

After the Deluge - Deluge and After - Netflix

Deluge and After is the eighth studio album by SCH, released in 2006. It is the third album in SCH's most recent phase, which began in 2002. Mirza Gazibegović (INFO magazine) notes how it “...conjures up images of industry, noise reminiscent of factory machines, music created for robots of the future, robots capable of assimilating sound waves, capable of enjoying music.” The album features hypnotic rhythms, guitar segments, and vocal interpretations which, according to Samir Šestan, illustrate techno bereft of pathos, “...blending diverse interests and creatively reinterpreting numerous musical genres.” Selvedin Avdić (Start BiH) finds the album more accessible than other SCH works: “The guitar even has a likeable, danceable, almost funky tone on some tracks here. Their miniature DJ set tracks 130 and Long Night at Roxy even whisk us to a bizarre SCH discotheque.”

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