Пепел - Netflix

A criminal saga set in USSR starting in 1938 and ending after WWII.

Пепел - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-28

Пепел - Svetlana Surganova - Netflix

Svetlana Yakovlevna Surganova (Russian: Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова) (born 14 November 1968) is a Russian rock musician, singer and poet. She was a founding member of the popular Russian rock band Nochnye Snaipery, providing vocals and playing violin. Presently she is a founding member of “Surganova i Orkestr” band.

Пепел - Personal life - Netflix

Svetlana Surganova never concealed her homosexuality. In various interviews, Diana Arbenina (a second founder of Nochnye Snaipery), said that she was dating Surganova. The women were together for 9 years, but in 2002 they eventually broke up and Surganova left the band to create her own. In 2008 she started advocating Side by Side (film festival) and became one of the judges. In Interviews Svetlana Surganova mentions that she believes in God. According to her, there is one God, but different religions have different presentations of “God”. In 1996 Surganova found out that she had a cancer. At the age of 27 she underwent a clinical death. In May 2018 Surganova was banned from visiting Ukraine for three years due to violating Ukrainian law by entering Crimea through Russia in 2016; two years after the region was annexed by Russia.

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